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We know that sometimes you want to sell or trade-in your gear. 
 It may be due to boredom, bad karma, or the desire to trade-up.  We can help you.

Used instruments and equipment are an important part of Union Music’s inventory.  Any item on the sales floor must be working and in good condition.

Here are the options we provide.




We frequently buy used gear that we believe is in demand or is special in some way. The price often depends on how much work the item needs before we can offer it to our customers.  All woodwinds and horns are sent out to be professionally cleaned; guitars often require new strings or a complete setup.


If you are planning on buying new gear, we may be able to apply the value of your old gear toward the purchase of the new. As in the case of a purchase, we will appraise the item based on condition and demand.


Union Music will sell gear on behalf of the owner, who receives a percentage of the selling price.  We will work with you to determine an appropriate listing price. In general, the consignor will receive 75% of the sale price, to be paid out within 60 days of the sale.

In order for us to consign the item, it must be in good working condition.  When you bring it in, we will evaluate its condition; we may require some repairs or maintenance before we can list it.

Union Music reserves the right to return the consignment to the owner at any time.