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Yamaha BB435 5-String Bass Tobacco Brown Sunburst

Manufacturer #:BB435 TBS

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6-Bolt Miter Neck Joint

Miter bolting holds the neck closer and tighter to the body, fusing these two separate components into one.

Compared to a conventional bolt-on joint, miter bolting offers more efficient transfer of string vibration throughout the body, for outstanding sustain and resonance that brings every note to life.

YGD Custom V5 Pickups

Alnico magnet pickups tuned to deliver classic BB vintage tone, slightly updated to provide a brighter sound that cuts through in live performance situations.


The latest BB400 models are equipped with one Tone control and two Volume controls for versatile sound shaping.

Convertible Bridge and Saddle for Precise Tone Shaping: Vintage Plus Light Bridge

BB400 models feature our Vintage Plus Light bridge, which allows stringing through the bridge or body. Strings pass through the body at a 45-degree angle, which places less stress on the strings than traditional, vertical through-body stringing, while efficiently transferring string vibration to the body. In 5-string models the bridge is equipped with an offset low B string.

Long-scale strings are recommended when stringing through the bridge and super long-scale strings are recommended when stringing through the body.

5-Piece Neck

The latest BB400 models feature a 5-piece maple and mahogany laminated neck in a bolt-on design that delivers a sharp attack and quick response. This durable construction resists warping and twisting and combines the tight, penetrating character of maple with the warmth of mahogany.

Neck Shape

The latest BB models feature a slightly thinner neck than previous BB basses, improving playability and feel for both modern and traditional bassists.

Lightweight Tuners

Lighter-weight tuners offer better balance and complement the overall feel, providing a perfect match for the smaller, lighter body of the latest BB.