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Ibanez Artwood Series ACFS580CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Manufacturer #:ACFS580CEOPS

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Ibanez T-bar Undersaddle pickup

The Ibanez under-saddle pickup reduces noise and provides wide range of natural piezo-style sound. It also captures palm hits and delivers a bass drum-like response.

Block contact pickup

Since it’s placed on the neck block, the Ibanez contact pickup is resistant to feedback and evenly captures percussive sound from the body to the neck. It also adds air and brightness to the piezo-style sound by capturing acoustic tones from within the body.

Ibanez DP1 Preamp

The DP1 Preamp naturally amplifies the signal from the Dual Pickups. You can precisely blend the sound of both pickups using the simple control layout (Under-saddle pickup volume / Contact pickup volume), which reduces added holes in the body to maintain tonal integrity.

Dual outputs

Plugged into the endpin jack only: Under-saddle pickup + Contact pickup with mixed output

Plugged into both the endpin jack and the open jack: Under-saddle pickup and Contact pickup running independently.

Endpin Jack : Under-saddle pickup Output
Open Jack : Contact Pickup Output

Deeper Grand Concert body

The body depth on the Grand Concert model is 10mm deeper-than-standard which affords rich lows and a vibrant strumming sound, despite its compact size.

African Mahogany/Pau Ferro 5pc neck

5pc neck construction boasts increased stability for alternate tunings.

Deep Round Neck Heel

The deep, round neck heel construction makes playing more comfortable in the higher register.

Neck grip

The combination of a 45mm wide nut and thin C shape neck is ideal for the complex fretting and arpeggios of Fingerstyle.

Ebony fretboard and bridge

The Ebony fretboard and bridge offer tonal definition and a smooth playing action.

Unbleached Oil-impregnated Bone nut and saddle

The unbleached oil-impregnated nut and saddle deliver strong consistent string vibration and better tuning stability due to decreased friction resistance.

Open Pore finish

The thinner open pore finish highlights the texture of the wood and emphasizes the acoustic and percussive tonal properties of the instrument.