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Rental solutions for everyday audio & band gigs!

We have Sound Reinforcement systems and individual components are available for daily rentals. Union Music can provide on-site set up and potentially run sound depending on availability. Speak with our staff to discuss your situation.

A complete sound system typically includes a powered mixer, pair of speakers, microphones, stands, and cables. Prices start at $100 per day. We also rent individual components. For example, you may need a microphone with stand and cables, for a cost of $25.

PA Systems

Priced individually or in a package:

  • Microphones with stands and cables
  • Mixers
  • Speakers with stands and cables


Drum Kits

(guitar, bass, keyboard)


Payment and Fees

  • Union Music requires a valid credit card and ID for all equipment rentals.  If you are paying by check or cash, prepayment is required.
  • The rental fee for each piece of equipment is per-determined by the package or individual equipment in your order. 
  • Additional fees may apply for late return or damaged equipment.