Jeff Mararian
Owner, Piano, Guitar

Jeff has been a local business owner for over 15 years and acquired Union Music from Carl Kamp in September 2017. He plays piano and spends his free time learning guitar and keeping his family busy with sports and music. His approach to revitalizing Union Music has kept the store open to the satisfaction of Worcester’s music community. Jeff’s commitment to customer service follows the local traditions that have been in play for years. Thank you Jeff!


Bob Sarkala
Store Manager, guitar, gigging musician

Bob Sarkala is truly a legend in the musical instrument retail field within Worcester County. After 26+ years helping musicians at Kurlan Music, Bob now brings that wealth of knowledge and experience to Union Music. Bob is a gifted guitarist and vocalist on the local scene (BYO Blues, Ric Porter Band, Lester Rawson Band, The Steve LeClaire Big Band) and brings a professional caring attitude to his work with the public. A living example of the maxim “Still waters run deep”, Bob is a kind and patient man, well liked and admired by all who get to know him. A Harley man, this gentle giant is a true one-of-a-kind, and a wonderful addition to the Union Music family!


Amber Tortorelli
Store Manager, guitar, theremin, noize, gigging musician, music teacher

Amber is a Worcester native with a lifetime of musical experience. One of the hardest working women in Rock & Roll, Amber spends much of her time offering her plethora of knowledge and talent to the musical and artistic community. A valued staff member, she is highly capable and dedicated to helping beginners and seasoned players alike with their musical needs. You can rely on Amber’s support, 110%, in your quest to reach your full potential. She is passionate about self-expression through the creative arts. Amber enjoys art, the circus, playing the theremin, screaming into the void and rhyming the color orange.


Paul Provost
Chief Sales, piano, gigging musician, recording engineer, music teacher

Energizing our keyboard and home recording departments, Paul is the owner of a digital 16 track recording studio and is a first-call keyboard player both live and in the studio for all the best musicians in the area. His talent and expertise will guarantee you will be able to understand the sometimes complicated equipment used to make music today!


Peter Allard
Chief Sales, bass, gigging musician, music teacher

Peter Allard has been affiliated with Union Music staff since 1988. He was one in the line of our few guitar repairmen, gladly ceding the role to current guitar repairman Dave Dick back in 1993. After leaving Union to tour the world as a “renowned” Children’s Music performer, he returned to the fold in 2010, happy to be back helping our customers find the perfect instrument to express their muse. Peter is also a busy professional musician, teaching music classes for local schools as well as performing with bands (Ric Porter Band, Dummer, Children of Mayhem, The Otters, Worcester Folk Orchestra) as a guitarist and bassist. Kind, funny, generous, patient, knowledgeable, Peter is some of those things- come on down to find out which today!


Mark Lopatosky
Keyboard & Amp Repair Tech

Over 30 years experience repairing all brands of amplifiers, power amps, mixers and keyboards. Mark dedicates 3 days a week repairing electronics at Union Music. Just enough time to diagnose, quote, return your call, and apply the solution! Mark is certified in Peavey warranty repairs! Drop off your equipment at Union Music, Monday – Saturday to schedule your repair.


Brian Martin
Guitar Repair Tech, Sales, guitar, gigging musician

Brian Martin answers the call with in-house set-ups, electronic repairs, upgrade requests & light luthier tasks. Brian is available in-store Mon, Tues, Wed for repair consultations and by appointment on Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Brian and Dan manage the fretted instrument repairs in our Music Center. Brian loves rock, rockabilly and country music styles and can be seen in the band, Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents!


Dan Hunt
Luthier, guitarist, gigging musician

Are you in need of major repairs or full customization of your guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, or ukulele? Dan’s simple approach and attention to detail will bring out the full potential of your instrument. Dan Hunt’s specialty is luthiering gypsy guitars. Creating instruments for his own brand, DRH Guitars show off the talent and craftsmanship of his home workshop. Union Music is proud to have Dan as a member of our Repair Center team. Dan explains “We look into everything and give you comprehensive set-up suggestions and keep you informed throughout the repair process.”


Paul Brones
Wind & Brass Repair Tech

Certified expert technician, Paul Brones repairs woodwind & brasswind horn instruments. Paul is a graduate of the State University of New York at Morrisville College with a degree in Music Instrument Technology in 1987. With Paul’s 31 years of expertise, he will bring your instrument back to life. Drop off your prized horn Monday – Saturday to arrange your repair with The Horn Hospital.


Sales, webmaster, guitar, drums

Spends time working the sales floor on Friday and Saturday and maintains our e-commerce platforms. Sites include,, and our craigslist account. Enjoys psychedelic music and heavy metal. Grew up playing guitar and is a drum hobbist. Spent most of my life working retail and takes pride in selling music gear.

Sales, guitar, recording

Once a loyal customer and now an employee starting in October 2017, Colin can help you with your music needs. He is a devoted guitar player with an excellent taste for buttery leads. His influences include Eric Johnson, Tosin Abasi, Buckethead, Hendrix, Sweet Trip and many more. Colin looks forward to greeting you in the store and helping you decide on your next music purchase! Currently playing in The Alpine Report and Blackwater Flood.

Sales, guitar, saxophone, music teacher

Kyle has been actively gigging on both guitar and saxophone since he was fifteen. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Kyle performs frequently with various original projects and cover bands. He also has lots of experience as a studio musician.


Carl Kamp
Previous Owner 1960-2017, Classical Guitar

One of the New England’s most respected classical guitarists and a member of the Boston Classical Guitar Society, Carl can help anyone find the perfect instrument to match their needs and budget. He has overseen the steady growth of Union Music, especially the Acoustic guitar room which now has the largest selection of fine acoustic instruments anywhere in the region.

Carl profileCarl Kamp

Our President, and third generation owner

One of the New England’s most respected classical guitarists and a member of the Boston Classical Guitar Society, Carl can help anyone find the perfect instrument to match their needs and budget. He has overseen the steady growth of Union Music, especially the Acoustic guitar room which now has the largest selection of fine acoustic instruments anywhere in the region.


sean profileSean Jyringi

Store Manager

A talented guitarist (Sleepwalkers, Black Elm, Short Ride), Sean brings a wealth of knowledge to his work at Union Music. Already a very experienced Music retail associate (1/5th of his life helping customers with their music making needs), Sean brings a great smile and youthful vigor to the family atmosphere that is the Union Music community. Sean is the youngest member of the staff, and also the tallest and strongest; he’s an avid athlete, with tennis, archery, kayaking, cycling and fishing counted among his many interests!