Union Music offers repair services for all types of instruments and electronic equipment.  We partner with some of the very best technicians and musicians to provide top-notch repairs in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

Below is an overview of the services we offer.

Quick Repair

Union staff is available for walk-in restringing, setups, & most repairs for fretted instruments. We use our network of skilled luthiers and experienced techs to complete your job with quick turnaround. We have an extensive Parts Department that will satisfy most repairs without needing special orders. Drop off your instrument at Union Music, Monday – Saturday to schedule your repair.

Keyboard & Amp Repair
Mark Lopatosky
Over 30 years experience repairing all brands of amplifiers, power amps, mixers and keyboards. Mark dedicates 3 days a week repairing electronics at Union Music. Just enough time to diagnose, quote, return your call, and apply the solution! Mark is certified in Peavey warranty repairs! Drop off your equipment at Union Music, Monday – Saturday to schedule your repair.
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Keyboard Repairs Amp Repairs
  • Troubleshoot loud notes, soft notes.
  • Troubleshoot power supplies.
  • Replace broken keys.
  • Repair key contact issues.
  • Replace inputs / outputs.
  • Replace PC boards upon availability.
  • Fix solder joints.
  • Troubleshoot, static, popping, loss of volume, distortion, and no sound problems.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose amplifiers down to component level.
  • Troubleshoot tube, power supply sections, fuse issues.
  • Repair pre-amp and power amp sections.
  • Re-bias and re-tube options.
  • Mods/upgrades if schematics and parts are supplied.
  • Replace speakers.
  • LED replacements.
  • Replace displays.

Fretted Instrument Repair
Luthier, Dan Hunt
Are you in need of major repairs or full customization of your guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, or ukulele? Dan’s simple approach and attention to detail will bring out the full potential of your instrument. Dan Hunt’s specialty is luthiering gypsy guitars. Creating instruments for his own brand, DRH Guitars show off the talent and craftsmanship of his home workshop. Union Music is proud to have Dan as a member of our Repair Center team. Dan explains “We look into everything and give you comprehensive set-up suggestions and keep you informed throughout the repair process.”
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DRH Guitars Display @ Caravan Guitars in Chicago

Guitar Tech, Brian Martin
Brian Martin answers the call with in-house set-ups, electronic repairs, upgrade requests & light luthier tasks. Brian is available in-store Mon, Tues, Wed for repair consultations and by appointment on Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Brian and Dan manage the fretted instrument repairs in our Music Center. Brian loves rock, rockabilly and country music styles and can be seen in the band, Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents!

Acoustic Guitar Repairs Electric Guitar Repairs
  • Set-up work.
  • Adjust action.
  • New nut (bone, tusq, and your choice).
  • Compensated bone saddle
  • Re-glue bridge.
  • Replace bridge.
  • Handmade bridge.
  • Fret leveling (filing, dressing).
  • Re-fret.
  • Neck re-set.
  • Crack / dent repair.
  • Headstock crack.
  • Cap worn bridge plate.
  • Install soundhole / soundboard pickup w/ end-pin jack.
  • Install undersaddle pickup.
  • Diagnose electrical problems.
  • Humidify guitar.
  • Set-up work.
  • New nut (bone, tusq, and your choice).
  • Replace tuners.
  • Intonation
  • Truss rod adjustments.
  • Fret-leveling.
  • Replace bridge.
  • Fret leveling (filing, dressing).
  • Re-fret.
  • Headstock crack.
  • Replace jack.
  • Replace pickup.
  • Replace volume / tone pot.
  • Routing for pick up.
  • Replace toggle switches.
Mandolin Repairs Banjo Repairs Ukulele Repairs
  • Set-up work.
  • Playing condition repairs.
  • Install pickups.
  • Replace tuners.
  • Bridge & nut upgrades.
  • Set-up work.
  • Playing condition repairs.
  • New nut (bone, tusq, and your choice).
  • Replace tuners.
  • Set-up work.
  • Playing condition repairs.
  • New nut or saddle (bone, tusq, and your choice).
  • Replace tuners.
  • Glue seams.
  • Install strap buttons.

Wind & Brass Repairs
Paul Brones, The Horn Hospital
Certified expert technician, Paul Brones repairs woodwind & brasswind horn instruments. Paul is a graduate of the State University of New York at Morrisville College with a degree in Music Instrument Technology in 1987. With Paul’s 31 years of expertise, he will bring your instrument back to life. Drop off your prized horn Monday – Saturday to arrange your repair with The Horn Hospital.

Woodwind Repairs (Instruments: saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), clarinet (b flat, bass), flute, oboe, bassoon Brasswind Repairs (Instruments: trumpet/cornet, trombone, rotor trombone (valve or bass), flugelhorn, baritone horn, french horn (+double)
  • Top to bottom inspection.
  • Check seating of all pads / make apply height adjustments.
  • Detergent wash and chemically clean.
  • Flute dent reduction.
  • Grease or oil as needed.
  • Hand polishing upon request.
  • Play condition repairs (replace select pads).
  • Polish and clean flutes.
  • Replace pearl.
  • Replacement of pad(s), cork, tenon cork, felts, keys, or springs.
  • Reduce dents that affect play-ability.
  • Reshaping – pipes, bell, rims.
  • Roller replacement.
  • Straighten bent keys, slides, levers.
  • Soft solder points.
  • Sanitize mouth piece.
  • Vacuum and deodorize case.
  • Top to bottom inspection.
  • Align piston valves.
  • Clean/restring rotor valves.
  • Chemically clean interior brass.
  • Grease or oil as needed.
  • Pull frozen tuning slides.
  • Replace water key cork.
  • Remove stuck mouth pieces.
  • Reduction of major bell dents.
  • Reshape major bell dents.
  • Reduce dents that affect play-ability.
  • Reducing tuning slide dents.
  • Sanitize mouth piece.
  • Soft solder joint.
  • Trombone slide alignment.
  • Vacuum and deodorize case.
  • Valve casing repair.

*Please note: Customer approval is required before work begins.